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Ilmus 15 oktoober.

* [Fix] Further fixing user profile view (please do not forget to update/refresh your template and style) (Bug #14230)
* [Fix] Adjust google adsense bot information (Bug #14296)
* [Fix] Fix horizontal scrollbar problem in IE6 (Bug #14228) - fix provided by Danny-dev
* [Fix] Correctly set user style for guest user (able to be changed within user management)
* [Change] Moved note about dns_get_record function for using GTalk (Jabber) from Jabber log to Jabber ACP panel
* [Fix] Do not use register_shutdown_function within cron.php if handling the queue and the mail function being used (Bug #14321)
* [Fix] Fixing private message on-hold code if moving messages into folder based on rules (Bug #14309)
* [Fix] Allow the merge selection screen to work (Bug #14363)
* [Change] Require additional permissions for copying permission when editing forums
* [Fix] Local magic URLs no longer get an additional trailing slash (Bug #14362)
* [Fix] Do not let the cron script stale for one hour if register_shutdown_function is not able to be called (Bug #14436)
* [Feature] Added /includes/db/db_tools.php file, which includes tools for handling cross-db actions such as altering columns, etc.
* [Fix] Fixed token handling in jabber class for extremely spec-compliant XMPP server (Bug #14445)
* [Change] Listing the board url within the email text instead of appending it to the subject (Bug #14378)
* [Fix] Use correct dimension (width x height) in ACP (Bug #14452)
* [Feature] Added completely new hook system to allow better application/mod integration - see docs/hook_system.html
* [Fix] Fixing google cache display problems with Firefox (Bug #14472) - patch provided by Raimon
* [Change] Allow years in future be selected for date custom profile field (Bug #14519)
* [Feature] Added an option to enforce that users spend a configurable amount of time on the terms page during registration
* [Sec] Fixing possible XSS through compromised WHOIS server (#i63, #i64)
* [Sec] Missing access control on whois in viewonline.php (#i51)
* [Sec] Encoding some variables within user::page array correctly (to cope with browser not doing it correctly) to prevent XSS through functions re-using them (#i61)
* [Sec] Fixed XSS through memberlist search feature (#i62)
* [Sec] Fixed XSS through colour swatch (#i65)
* [Sec] Fixed insecure attachment deletion (#i53)
* [Sec] Only allow whitelisted protocols in meta_redirect/redirect (#i66)
* [Sec] Check file names to be written in language management panel (#i52)
* [Sec] Deregister globals if ini_get has been disabled (#i112)
* [Sec] Added form tokens to most forms to enforce a lighter variant of CSRF protection (#i91 - #i96)
* [Sec] Use new password hash method for forum passwords (#i43)
* [Sec] Changed download file location to prevent flash crossdomain policies taking effect (#i8)
* [Sec] Do not allow autocompletion for password on admin re-authentication (#i41)
* [Sec] Made sure users are not completely locked out if they have a GLOBALS cookie (#i101)
* [Sec] Use the secure hash to generate BBCODE_UIDs (#i71)
* [Sec] Increase the length of BBCODE_UIDs (#i72)
* [Sec] New password hashing mechanism for storing passwords (#i42)
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