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phpBB3 RC8

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* [Fix] Fixed MSSQL related bug in the update system
* [Fix] Mitigating different realpath() handling between PHP versions (fixing confirm box redirects)
* [Fix] Fix signature editing - ability to remove signature (Bug #14820)
* [Fix] Send correct activation key by forcing reactivation for inactive user (Bug #14819)
* [Fix] Open private message notification (Bug #14773)
* [Fix] Fixing false new private message indicator (Bug #14627)
* [Fix] Let newly activated passwords work if users were converted (Bug #14787)
* [Fix] Allow alternative text for styled buttons if images turned off, but CSS staying on
* [Change] Do not assign converted votes to the first option in a vote.
* [Fix] Use correct RFC 2822 date format in emails (Bug #15042)
* [Fix] Require founder status for some actions on founder-only groups (Bug #15119)
* [Change] Some improvements to the caching of avatars
* [Change] Set template recompilation to be disabled by default. All mod and style authors and all those who want to modify their styles should enabled it after installation.
* [Change] Disable debug mode. All mod and style authors should enable DEBUG and DEBUG_EXTRA.
* [Fix] Check error reporting level for all error level. This fixes a problem for hosts having manipulated the error handler. (Bug #14831)
* [Feature] Constant PHPBB_DB_NEW_LINK introduced which can be used to force phpBB to create a new database connection instead of reusing an existing one if the dbms supports it (Bug #14927)
* [Fix] Automatic URL parsing no longer allows dots in the schema but can parse URLs starting after a dot (Bug #15110)
* [Fix] Recache Moderators when copying permissions. (Bug #15384)
* [Change] Do not allow size=0 bbcodes (font-size of 0)

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