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Vabavaraline tasuta sõidusimulaator Racer. Palju radu ja erinevaid autosid.



Pilt Pilt Pilt Pilt

Koduleht: www.racer.nl

- The Racer Hideout - autod ja rajad.
- XtremeRacers - autod ja rajad.
- ZModeler2 - tarkvara mudelite loomiseks ja täiendamiseks.
- iroker.com - autod ja rajad.
- Racer Resources - autod ja rajad
- TraccionTrasera - - autod ja rajad.
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Racer Trailer :)

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Re: Racer

PostitusPostitas Pistik » Pühapäev, 28 Oktoober 2007, 12:53

Racer v0.5.3 beta 7

Phew, finally a new beta. Racer is still actively being developed, although often with targets that don't always match the desires for the public version.

Anyway, the download location: http://www.racer.nl/dl_beta.htm
For ATI users, download a patched Racer (see attachments) and in racer.ini make a renderer.ati=1 setting (to avoid stripy cars).

Important notes:
- you will often need to run http://www.racer.nl/download/vcredist_x86.exe to get all DLL's associated with the new compiler used (Visual C++ 2005)
- the network has a new middleware library; ENet. So multiplayer in this version is INCOMPATIBLE with older versions. I've only used it over LANs, but supposedly this library takes care of reliable packets, so let's hope for a bit of action.
- while our team is creating tracks, we wanted OpenGL's mipmap LOD tweaking parameters working. This caused havoc on ATI boards, so perhaps it does now again... (my new laptop has an nVidia Go7600 though).

Hope you enjoy this one! And sorry for taking such a loooooong time; hope to improve that by releasing more often.

Finally, the update list then:
- Network (multiplayer) reworked a lot. Using ENet as an intermediate network library now (meaning reliable packet sending should work)
- Bugfix: ini file reads could result in extra information at the end for CR+LF formatted files.
- Bugfix: if a remote client connected before the local client (a multiplayer master is both client & server) cars wouldn't update properly
- Tracked bugfix: material index was one off in the ASE Multi/sub cutter (!)
- Tracked: when using 'Cut Multisub ASE', any resulting texture tiling/offsets weren't used.
- Tracked: Convert ASE->DOF improved (could take a LONG time); optimization is also optional now.
- Tracked: ASE importer had a bug for some split ASE files with lots of vertices but few faces.
- Tracked: added some keys/functions in Spline mode to facilitate editing splines a bit better.
- Bugfix: Ackerman wasn't applied correctly to the steering wheels (effectively operated only on 1 wheel).
- Added shader's mipmap_min_lod and mipmap_max_lod parameters again. Used to crash on ATI cards, not on nVidia. Does it work now?
- Added shader mipmap_lod_bias variable to modify mipmap behavior.
- Added resolution.no_border option to get rid of borders in non-fullscreen windows
- Added 'global' setting for freeshifting in data/controls/default.ini
- Added 'dbg_car.susp_implicit_integration' to racer.ini. 1 is the old Racer behavior, although it generates weight bugs (Ctrl-9)! Wheels get more spikey when this is 0.
- Changed spline painting colors from yellow to red and thick green for start/finish
- Added data/locale/racer_english.txt as a 'backup' language for untranslated texts in other locale files
- Added Dutch locale (racer_dutch.txt)
- Some extra locale texts (ai.learn_on etc)
- Removed wav/mp3 load failure message when menu AVI was used (without accompanying sound file)
- Stub image (when no image can be found) is now a little more colorful (red/blue)
- Added racer.ini:textures.compression (defaults to 1) to enable app-wide support for texture compression
- Added shader 'compression' key (globally and per layer!) to be able to disable compression for certain textures (skies!)
- See http://www.racer.nl/tutorial/gfxtwea...texcompression for texture compression details.
- Some texture map loading changes; images without alpha will be stored as GL_RGB instead of GL_RGBA (might help performance)
- Views (for cars) are no longer loaded sequentially; instead of going through the list, now they're properly referenced as views.view0, views.view1 etc.
- Same for view elements; now referenced using views.view<n>.elt<m> instead of iterating. This should not make a difference normally for car views, except when the views.ini is not correct.
- Removed 2 second pause when starting 'Race' (this is needed for slave computers, but was even used no slaves were connected)
- Improved ini file reading speed for slightly faster startup and loading cars etc.
- Improved readability of debug info (^1-^9; shadow added)
- Fixed location of some object in non-800x600 resolutions; start lights, console text.
- Revived motion blur; it seems to start to work with at least my DuoCore/nVidia7950 machine (renderer.motion_blur.passes).
- Optimized particle drawing if no particles are visible
- Added 'trackmap save' command to save the live environment trackmap. For non-live trackmaps.
- Smoke image from Some1 included (thanks!)
- Fixed brakes flickering when ABS kicks in
- No crashes anymore when body.dof isn't found (seen a lot with Mustang2005GT; perhaps updates were installed?); a dark cube of 1x1x1m is created instead
- Added car.ini wheel<x>.reverse_steering option to allow reverse steering
- (beta6 fix) mirror was using compression so it was slow, and ATI drivers even crashed or were mangled at best
- Screenshots now use TGA again.
- Added 'debug <n>' script command to control debug info through scripting.
- Added 'format=<f>' to car's views.ini digital view elements. Format can be 'simple', 'time' or 'relative_time'. See http://www.racer.nl/tutorial/newcar.htm#views
- Added 'volume <x>' script command to set the master volume.
- Added sideload control (future motorbike simulation)
- Added aero.body.cz (and cy) for generic body downforce generation (only drag was supported) (car.ini)
- Added car.ini engine.braking_offset (next to engine.braking_coeff) for a more detailed engine braking torque line.

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Re: Racer

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Rotax RM1 MOD


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Re: Racer

PostitusPostitas Pistik » Esmaspäev, 24 Detsember 2007, 13:32

Racer v0.5.3 beta 8

Time for an update for X-mas, when you're all sitting inside while you should be skating (here in the Netherlands things have been pretty cold and the ice is thick enough).

Get the latest beta at http://www.racer.nl/dl_beta.htm

Especially note that spaces in car & track directory names are no longer supported! That will most probably create some confusion, but it's for the better for scripting and such where spaces are a nuisance.

As always, the changes:
- Security fix: fixed an overflow opportunity in the console.
- Bugfix: Menu still had blue tones in it
- Bugfix: Pacejka's a12 values were never read.
- Automatically detects ATI cards to turn off certain functionality.
- 'X' was mistakingly used to enter console commands; took that out.
- Added: 'wasapi' (Vista audio) and 'openal' sound drivers for audio.type
- Added speakermode to audio section to set modes such as 5.1 audio.
- Added basic support for Cg vertex & fragment shaders in Racer shader
- Development option: audio.distortion, if set to a value >0, adds distortion to all sounds.
- FMOD version updated to v4.08.05 (supposedly better on Vista).
- Added per-track rain setting (special.ini:env.rain from 0 to 1)
- Added rain sample set (in racer.ini:audio) for rain sound
- Added thunder samples
- Added spray particle system for the rear wheels
- Added 'dof_fix' utility to be able to get rid of 'old ZModeler export' warnings.
- Added 'ini' utility to modify ini files (from batch files for example)
- Spaces in car directories are no longer allowed (to avoid problems with AI for example)
- Spaces in track directories are also no longer allowed
- Added racer.ini:replay.enable to disable replay saving. Replay buffer wrapping in long races leads to slowdown.
- racer.ini:assist.time_allowed_nowheel works again (you may want a smaller time here than in time_allowed_offroad)
- Support for 6-wheel cars is back (first it didn't calculate the wheelbase, resulting in NaNs)
- Support for default AI lines (ai/default.ini); see http://www.racer.nl/tutorial/newtrack.htm#default_ai

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Re: Racer

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Racer v0.5.5 released

Some bugfixes and the start of a new multiplayer lobby!Note that especially the lobby is still very simple, but it does the trick a bit. There’s a max of 50 players & 50 games, not sure how it is going to do. Known problems appear if you don’t have the tracks & cars.
The Lobby Server is supplied as well, so you can run it locally on your computer if you have the knowledge on how to open up port 28100 to it.
An older version is running on a computer at my home which I will update tonight so you can actually connect to something. Enough things to shoot at for now… Racer is fortunately about fun, not about big cash winning races.

Instructions for the lobby:
- Press C to enter a chat message
- N to change your nick (or click the button)
- Host to host game
- Select a game, then Join to join in. The hoster must start the game when he’s ready.
- You’ll need to setup a portforward of port 25000 to your Racer machine!
(Minion had the pleasure of hosting the first ever multiplayer race through the lobby!)

- You both unfortunately need to select the same track BEFORE entering the lobby (or just exit the lobby, select the track to join, then return to the lobby).
- No checking is done whether the track/car is in your collection.

The log:
- Added a multiplayer lobby. It’s a start, just useful for honest players. lobby.racer.nl hosts a server but you can run your own (lobbyserver.exe). Featuring nicknames, hosting, joining races. Not sure how multiplayer works on the internet currently. LAN races still require multiplayer.* settings to be set manually (linear_interpolation=1, time_per_update=10) if you run a local lobbyserver.
- Removed gfx.fade_to_black option. It always fades.
- Revised networking code to identify cars better. There were problems of the wrong cars getting updated in multiplayer.
- Bugfix: ESC in pause now works again
- Bugfix: dials were often disappearing or enlarged
- Bugfix: ‘reload car’ now works a bit better and doesn’t crash after a lap
- Bugfix: racetime was limited by default (max_time_race)
- Bugfix: some files were missing (trackstub.tga…)

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Re: Racer

PostitusPostitas Pistik » Reede, 28 Märts 2008, 20:50

Racer v0.5.7 released

Changes (from v0.5.5 to v0.5.7):
- Bugfix: gearbox could go out of sync
- Bugfix: clutching back up after a shift was buggy
- Bugfix: mirror rendering was visible in the lower lefthand corner (not cleared correctly)
- Car and track directories with spaces are now automatically renamed to use underscores
- Lobby improved; now sends Racer version and checks if a player can actually host a game (!)
- Multiplayer improved; should be less jerky (set linear_interpolation to 0 again!)
- You can now use shift up/down again when the gearbox is in automatic

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Re: Racer

PostitusPostitas Pistik » Pühapäev, 03 August 2008, 13:11

Racer v0.6.0 released

- Modified engine sound mix; now, it's always a mix between acc/dec sounds. This does mean that the sound
is always loud unless you downmix the decelerate_* audio trees in car.ini. The mix is based
on engine output (more 'acc' sound if the engine torque reaches its max_torque)
- The engine scales its internal lookup-table to get a valid 'maxTorque' reading in debug output Ctrl-8
(needed this for the audio mix above).
- LOD for tracks didn't work. It now does, only LOD definition has changed somehwat; lod_out has disappeared (!).
To improve Swiss-Stroll for example, search & replace lod_out with lod0_z (in geometry.ini, gives about 20% fps increase here).
Check http://www.racer.nl/tutorial/lod.htm for the latest definition.
- renderer.min_detail and max_detail set to 1.0. It was 0.3..3.0, which normally made visibility increase by 3x.
- Sky objects could be flipping on & off due to the wrong far-plane culling being used. Now, sky objects
are NOT culled at all (so more expensive and non-optimal but it seems ok).
- quickstart=1 works again
- The fader was always painted; fps should be a bit higher now.
- Scenegraph animation was a bit optimized. FPS increase is hard to notice though.
- ODE has always been compiled with asserts, ouch. Didn't seem to make a different in fps though.
- Defaults for racer.ini's renderer.max_detail and min_detail were 2 and 0.1, now both 1.0
- Added a flywheel special effect to the engine sound; upon shifts, some jitter is added to the engine frequency.
- Start lights image could appear offset when quickstart=1
- Added 3D lights support for start sequence; see http://www.racer.nl/tutorial/newtrack.htm#startlights for details.
- Special.ini's gfx.fog.mode was never read. Fog always used GL_EXP fog.
- Projected shadow is now off for the focus car if no car model is shown (model=2 in car.ini)
- Added mirrors.simple.x/y to be able to place the mirror
- Added min/max FPS tracking (in the profile debug view, Ctrl-6). Is reset when toggling FPS on/off (Ctrl-F).
- Added menu.wait to potentially make the menu a bit more CPU friendly
- Current car's engine sounds are 2D when inside the car, 3D when outside (track view for example)
- Added mirrors.texture.offset and texture.angle to be able to modify the mirror direction.
- Added stats.flag_pos for the racing flag position
- Fog was modified to NOT use the GL_NV_fog_distance OpenGL extension; funny fog on very large polygons could occur (inverted).
- Bugfix in Modeler when exporting WRL's when the original did not have a texture assigned to a material.
- Added support for fullscreen Cg shaders (see http://www.racer.nl/tutorial/howto_f...en_shaders.htm) like sepia, bloom etc.
- Fullscreen (FBO) shaders support anti-aliasing on cards that have extension GL_EXT_frame_blit (nVidia 8xxx series and up) through
racer.ini's renderer.motion_blur.samples (set to 1/2/4/8/16 samples for example, depending on your card's maximum AA)
- Added 'motionblur method <n>' and 'motionblur blur_alpha <f>' commands (see http://www.racer.nl/reference/scripting.htm).
- Multiplayer car requests are handled very differently from previous versions. This was targeted at LAN games, not sure how it'll work on the internet.

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