phpBB3 RC5

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phpBB3 RC5

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Järjekordne PhpBB3 kandidaatversioon valminud.

* [Sec] Added alternative tokens to custom BBCodes which are safe for CSS/Javascript and changed TEXT token to entitise opening and closing parantheses.[/*]
* [Feature] New constant PHPBB_EMBEDDED can be used to let phpBB not call exit; if wrapped/embedded (We may re-check this constant on other code locations later too)
* [Feature] append_sid() having a check for the function append_sid_phpbb_hook(). This function is called in favour of append_sid() with the exact same parameters if present.
* [Feature] Add "DECIMAL:", "PDECIMAL", and "PDECIMAL:" to the schema creation code (Bug #13999) - patch provided by poyntesm
* [Feature] Display message history in compose PM screen
* [Change] Made group avatar/rank changes more intuitive
* [Change] Do not force login on visiting topic/forum from notification emails (Bug #13818)
* [Change] For new posts or editing the first post topic titles have a maxlength of 60 characters. For any subsequent posts the length is extended to 64 to make room for the Re: part, but cutting at 60 characters. The maxlength need to be 64, else users using opera are unable to post (opera does not allow pre-filling a field with more characters than specified within the maxlength attribute)
* [Change] Added a filter for user objects to LDAP configuration and improved explanations (Bug #12627)
* [Fix] Properly display ban reason if selecting banned entries within the ACP (Bug #13896)
* [Fix] Properly parse SQL expressions for Oracle (Bug #13916)
* [Fix] Display locked icon in viewforum/prosilver if forum locked (Bug #14009)
* [Fix] Fixed cron_lock value for cron execution. This bug led to users having problems with the email queue and other cron related issues.
* [Fix] Prevent white pages on php notices with gzip compression enabled (Bug #14096)
* [Fix] Let the theme immediately expire if changed from ACP for at least 30 minutes after change
* [Fix] If sending PM's to groups only include activated member (Bug #14040)
* [Fix] Correctly wrap words in emails containing utf8 characters (Bug #14109)
* [Fix] Disable gzip compression for cached stylesheet for Internet Explorer 6 or empty browser (IE6 is not able to properly display the compressed stylesheet) (Bug #14054)
* [Fix] Header icons fixed in FF for RTL languages (Bug #14084)
* [Fix] Allow line breaks in custom BBCodes (Bug #10758)
* [Fix] Convert 2.0 moderator posting permissions (Bug #14105)
* [Fix] odbc_autocommit causing existing result sets to be dropped (Bug #14182)